About Tashtit and Taavura

Taavura Holdings Ltd. - Tashtit Division

Taavura Holdings Ltd. - Tashtit Division is the exclusive importer of DAF Trucks to Israel. For over two decades Tashtit has been responsible for the complete local sales and service organization. Tashtit offers a full product range, from 7.9 ton to 32 ton trucks.
Tashtit also represents Kenworth Trucks, VDL buses and LIEBHERR Earthmoving equipment and construction machinery. DAF and Kenwoth are both part of the American Paccar Cooperation.
Taavura Holdings Ltd. is a large scale transportation and logistics company in Israel. Taavura established Tashtit Construction Machinery Ltd. In 1982, which later on became an integral division within the Taavura Group in 2010. The initial purpose was to import the LIEBHERR equipment, a purpose which then expanded when Tashtit became the sole Israeli dealer of Leyland and DAF trucks and DAF BUS, known today as DAF Trucks and VDL Bus. Today Tashtit is one of DAF's top three dealers in the world for market share.
Tashtit's business philosophy is based on DAF's Total Care concept – providing a broad range of transportation and logistics solutions to meet the customer's needs.
Tashtit's activities include:
  • Sales and marketing of trucks, buses and construction equipment.
  • Second hand truck sales, originating from Tashtit's trade-in transactions and operational lease fleets.
  • Operating-lease and Repair & Maintenance contracts for truck fleets as well as small companies and owner operators.
  • Market Leading Service- Tashtit provides service through a network of 3 central owned workshops and18 authorized service centers. In case of a break-down, a DAF24 service is provided throughout the country at any time of day or night, and includes professional telephone support, off-road assistance and towing, if required.
  • Parts - Tashtit provides a wide range of high quality parts for all different brands of trucks and buses. Parts range from original Manufacturer parts to reconditioned parts as well as replacement parts for various trucks and trailers. Our goal is to offer the most suitable parts at the right quality, price and availability.